Peace Workshop for Religious Leaders in Cameroon.

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The council of Protestant Churches under the Leadership of Right Rev FONKI Samuel (President of CEPCA and Moderator of PCC) organises a Peace Workshop for Religious Leaders in Cameroon.

The workshop shall take place at the PCC Synod Office in Buea, from the 24-27th November 2020.


  • To empower religious leaders with skills on peace building.
  • To make religious leaders peace brokers in Cameroon.
  • Enable Protestant religious leaders in Cameroon to have a united voice in the peace building process.

Expected Outcome

At the end of the workshop, the religious leaders shall:

  • Lay down strategies for peace crusades in all Anglophone towns in Cameroon.
  • Help conscientize Anglophones especially the youths on the need for peace and to lay down their arms.
  • Come out with a communiqué for peace building in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.
  • Exercise their God-given mission of bringing peace and abundant life to God’s people.
  • Religious leaders shall become a strong bargaining force to reckon with in Cameroon.
  • Religious leaders will be able to mitigate religious conflicts in their churches.


25 participants are expected to take part in the workshop, amongst whom are: S

  • His Emminence, Sheikh OUMAROU Mallam Djibril, Imam of the Yaounde Central Mosque.
  • His Emminence, Sheikh MUHAMMAD Alhaji Abubakar , Chief Imam of the Buea Central Mosque.
  • Mallam TUKUR MOHAMMED Adamu , Imam of the Bamenda Central Mosque.
  • His Grace NKEA Andrew, Archbishop of Bamenda Diocese.
  • Bishop MIABESUE BIBI Micheal, Apostolic Administrator of the Buea Diocese.
  • Bishop AGAPITUS ENUYEHNYOH Nfon, head of Kumba Diocese.
  • Bishop NKUO George, head of Kumbo Diocese.
  • Bishop KOME Abraham, head of Bafang Diocese.
  • Rev Mbiwan Enonchong Daniel, General Superintendent of the Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon.
  • Rev. Pr HENDJE TOYA Jean Samuel, president of L’Église Evangélique du Cameroun.
  • Rev MOUNGOLE PRISO Richard, L’ Église Evangélique du Cameroun.
  • Rev. Dr NDITEMEH MBELUH Charlemagne, Executive President of Cameroon Baptist Convention.
  • Rt Rev(Mgr) DIBO ELANGO Thomas, Bishop at the Anglican Diocese Of Cameroon.
  • Rvd. Dr NCHAM CHIATOH Godwill, Cameroon Baptist Convention.
  • Rvd. Dr NGOZO Ruben, President Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon.
  • Rev. DEBSIA DABAH Alvius, President of The Church of the Lutheran Brethren of Cameroon.
  • Rev. BESSALA MBESSE Emmanuel, Secretary General of l’Église presbytérienne du Cameroun.
  • Rev MASSAGA MBOUET Julien Martin, Secretary General Of L’Église Protestante Africaine.
  • Rev. Dr NSOGA Job Salomon, National President Native Baptist Church of Cameroon.
  • Rev HAMADINA Salomon, L’Union des Églises évangéliques au Cameroun.
  • Rev NGANDO MBENDE Paul, Secretary General of CPCC.
  • Rev ETAKA Elsie, Head of Information and Communications Department of CPCC.
  • Representatives of Union des Églises Baptistes du Cameroun.
  • MASSOMA Gislain, Translator.


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