The Christian and the Work

///The Christian and the Work

The misinterpretation of the Bible is the source of misery or poverty in the lives of many Christians. They get lost in guesswork instead of indulging in work. They believe that just by fasting and praying, banknotes will rain on them or they will be immune to want. This is one of the reasons why many pagans think that leading a Christian life is synonymous with leading a lazy life. However from the beginning God has decreed that the development of man will come through work (Genesis 3). For an incredible understanding of this term, we will answer the following questions: What is the origin of the work? How are God’s blessings related to work? Is There a Sin to Being Successful Is Entrepreneurship an Option? Can Christians also be successful in entrepreneurship?

The Lord has declared in his word that he will command the blessing to follow his own in all their endeavors (Deut 28: 8). This is a revelation that is unfortunately hidden from the eyes of many of God’s children. That is, there is one condition to this blessing: entrepreneurship. It is therefore the children of God who undertake who will see the blessing. Entrepreneurship consists of thinking, creating and designing projects which will then materialize through income-generating activities (micro-projects; trade; livestock farming; agriculture; companies of all kinds …). It is through entrepreneurship that God can make His children prosperous. However, it is impossible to talk about entrepreneurship without talking about work. The two are intimately linked. In fact, God uses the multiplication system to bless His children (Deut 28: 11-12). He says that he will fill us with goodness by multiplying the fruit of our womb, the fruit of our soil, and he will bless the work of our hands.

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