The President of CPCC

///The President of CPCC

The president of the Cameroon Council of Churches is the main official who is in charge of coordinating the whole organization. He is pastor of one of the 11 member churches of CPCC

The CEPCA Executive Committee is the permanent body for the management and execution of resolutions of the CPCC General Assembly.

The Executive Committee is made up of members with voting rights and members without voting rights.

1) Members with voting rights :

  • President of CPCC
  • Two vice-presidents
  • Secretary General of CPCC
  • All the Heads of Church members of CPCC

2) Advisory Members with the right to speak, without the right to vote.

  • All Heads of Departments, Executive Secretary.
  • Guests and Resource Persons.

The missions, composition and operating mechanisms of each of these structures are described in the Statutes and Internal Regulations of CEPCA. The operational diagram of the coordination structures is presented below.