ELECTIONS: Training workshop for election observers

///ELECTIONS: Training workshop for election observers

2018 is a pivotal and important year in the history of Cameroon, with the organization of at least 4 elections and at most 5 (municipal, legislative, regional, senatorial and presidential elections). As a prelude to this, the CEPCA prepares and prepares citizens for the observation and citizen control of the various elections. It has launched a series of training courses for electoral observers in the Littoral region. These focus on modules such as:

1- Knowledge of the different types of elections in Cameroon

2- The Cameroonian electoral system in question

3- Election observation tools and techniques

These training courses are open to young people from associations and political parties established in the region. 2 sessions were organized on November 17 and 18, 2017. The appointment is made for the next sessions. This training will also be organized in other regions of the country.

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