Youth training in rural communication

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This training, not provided for in the terms and clauses of the partnership, helped to fill the gap in mastering the basics of journalistic communication and the use of technical radio equipment. This is Act II. On this occasion, the PVR made a complete installation. The two production studios have been given a makeover and new equipment has been acquired. The beneficiaries immediately took ownership of the project and expressed themselves better and better in their production. The quality of the broadcasts was improved and the subjects were those jointly agreed upon during a session which allowed them to list the ailments, problems and difficulties that fill their daily lives. Unemployment, juvenile delinquency, parental responsibilities, land issues, unsanitary conditions, and many other subjects have been arrested to start production. This is Act III.

Individual initiative was encouraged and a second phase took place and consisted of reviewing theoretical and practical skills young beneficiaries through three days of meetings during which evaluations were made. This is Act IV before the final closing.

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During the course of the project, the Anglophone crisis in the country strengthened the community and opened breaches for other subjects dealt with in the programs which itself (Anglophone crisis) was the subject of difficulty in the implementation of the project, which was carried out primarily in French.

Ultimately, well capitalized, the efforts of this dynamic youth, ambassador of peaceful change through the regular production of programs, we are convinced that the project is on track and promises a better future in the daily change in our society.