The Department of Women and Social Affairs (DEFAS)

///The Department of Women and Social Affairs (DEFAS)

It is placed under the authority of an Executive Secretary appointed by the General Assembly of CEPCA, for a period of 2 years renewable once.

The Executive Secretary works full time and her offices are at CPCC headquarters.


  • Make visible women and their actions in Church and Society;
  • Prepare women from CEPCA member churches for effective participation in them and in Cameroonian society;
  • Raise awareness and train women in leadership and management;
  • Equipping (in all dimensions of life) for social transformation;
  • Encourage and assist newly created women’s departments and associations in CEPCA member churches;
  • Carry out and / or support projects leading to self-sufficiency, especially in rural areas;
  • Encourage and support the creation of small, community-based women income-generating businesses;
  • Train the leaders of Biblical and / or theological studies;
  • Train facilitators in family health and environmental management;
  • Organize bimonthly meetings of leaders;
  • Publish a bilingual newsletter;
  • Supervise female theology students and promote women’s pastoral ministry;
  • Form networks of Christian Career Women;
  • Promote the movement in the community of « LITTLE SOUTH » and the world day of prayer,
  • Educate in ecumenism

Create spaces for meeting and dialogue between men and women